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Good Day guys

I have been playing FP on Steam for a while, and would like to make a couple of suggestions. Some might like it, others not. But hear me out, otherwise I'm gonna catch bigger fish than you...

1: Adding ingame voice chat, with option to toggle on/off and or muting players (As I'm sure it can get annoying)

2: Option to trade/sell inventory items with other players/friends

3: More people on a boat, maybe on bigger ones

4: Ability to use more than one rod on a boat

Again, just a suggestion, please don't hide the Uni's from me !

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On 7/26/2022 at 11:56 PM, PH_DoctorVapor said:

A suggestion about adding voice would be to have the ability to choose a "Voice Room" so that those who want to chat voice could dot it, and those that don't can choose a regular room, or a private room.


Xbox have a strict policy about voice chat, so it's not possible to do. Or you not about xbox?

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