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Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour

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Hey there, dear angling community!(smile)

This February you will witness history in the making, as Fishing Planet will be hosting Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour, the game’s first-ever feeder angling tournament!(wink)

Indeed, the competitive excitement of this new sportfishing event will overshadow everything else this month and stir up deeper emotions and feelings than the cheesy attributes of Valentine’s Day! (tongue) So don’t miss your chance to become a participant of this truly historic event and make sure to register in time!

You’ll have loads of fun angling in a thrilling competitive atmosphere, as you try to catching the biggest Bream imaginable! The heated fishing race of Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour will take you on an amazing adventure across Europe - from the Netherlands, to Germany and even Russia!

Do it in the name of Fame, Glory and a prize pool that includes plenty of Credits, BaitCoins, unique fishing tackle and equipment...but most importantly - the title of Bream Feeder Champion!

Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour will be held February 23th February  through 28th February, with the Registration starting on February 22th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

  • 23th of February - Qualifier 1 on Ghent–Terneuzen Canal in the Netherlands.
  • 24th of February - Qualifier 2 on the magnificent Sander Baggersee Lake in Germany.
  • 25th of February - Qualifier 3 on Akhtuba River in Russia.
  • 27th of February - Semifinal Round in Germany, on Sander Baggersee Lake.
  • 28th of February - the Grand Finale held in Russia, amidst natural beauty of Akhtuba River.  

Only for the duration of the tournament, you can get special Fishing Planet: Bream Feeder Frenzy Pack!


 Steam    American PSN Store   European PSN Store     Xbox

Tight Lines...and happy bream fishing!(wink)

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