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Developer’s Diaries: Amazonian Maze in Brazil


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vor einer Stunde schrieb PH_Carpman99:

The PS4 and Xbox update usually occurs about 3 weeks after the PC update

Oh no *crying*

vor einer Stunde schrieb VisoredGlint751:

I found some link video new map Amazonian Maze!

This is the same source as my link on bull sharks in Brazil a post earlier. * High5 *

Weren't the sharks great? :)

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On 2/17/2021 at 12:14 PM, Dennis_FP said:

Hi, anglers!

Many of you probably have been wondering what’s coming next in Fishing Planet. We are happy to tell you what we have been working on since the release of Marron River in Bolivia. Right now we are finalizing a new waterway - the maze of islands and canals of Amazonian Maze in Brazil, which we plan to release in 3-4 weeks.


A curious maze of islands, canals and bays has found its place a couple of hundreds kilometres from where the Rio Negro joins the Amazon. Tiny pockets of civilization spring out here and there among the impenetrable equatorial rainforests: Indian villages and oases of tourist life. The hot humid air is filled with the chirping of birds and the smell of wild orchids. This is the place we chose for you to explore the labyrinth of the wild Amazon and experience an unforgettable fishing adventure. 

Since our fishing location is situated near the equator, the weather is humid and hot here almost all year round. For your trip we have picked the end of the dry season. Although the rain frequency and intensity are increasing gradually, the water level remains low and there’s maximum fish activity. 

The waterway’s shoreline is incredibly varied: you can come across rich vegetation, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and humbly equipped local piers.


The location is almost as large as Blue Crab Island. It’s designed to be one of the most expansive in our game, and that’s why it has the biggest variation in depth: from 15 metres ( 50 feet) in the streambed to almost 2 metres (6 feet) in shallow bays. Not all areas are passable by a motor boat, so players should take care when choosing their navigation route, so that they wouldn’t run aground.

As for the waterbed structure, it also varies significantly. The river streambed and deep watercourses mainly have clay bottom with scatterings of sandy areas (in places with largest differences in depth and close to prominent sand banks). Shallow bays and backwaters might have a muddy bottom. In many places, especially in shallow areas, the bottom is covered with vegetation.



The waters are of a pronounced brown color, but rather clear. Local anglers tell stories of a peculiar Amazon dolphin that can sometimes be seen around. They say whoever comes across it will have good luck, so keep an eye, maybe you will get a chance to meet this rare animal.

The waterway will house nine main locations, which is the largest number within our game. All locations are unique and will captivate even the most seasoned players: Flor de Pedra, the “Stone Flower”, Rio Grande Hotel, Orchid Shore, the Old Temple, St. Sebastian Church, Mboya Village, Acanga, the Stilt Hut, and Pindobusu Beach.


Let us transport you to the Acanga location for a moment. There is a far-off islet in the eastern part of the tributary, which is considered among locals to be a place of spiritual power. According to official data, most Brazilians are Catholics. But here, in the midst of the rainforest, some people still practice ancient shamanic cults as well as Christianity. Their traces can sometimes be found in similar hidden corners of the jungle near Indian villages. Peculiar carved stones, shrines designated for mystical rituals, statuettes of gods and skulls of sacrificial animals clearly signify a place of religious worship. Entering such a place, try to be respectful and not disturb the local shamans (and local spirits, of course)!


Let us not forget about fishing! Watch the slick spines of Amazon fish swimming around under the reddish black water. The exact number of species inhabiting these waters is yet to be determined, but you can definitely come across the unique Arapaima, the giant Piraiba, and even the rare Electric Eel! You’ll be able to catch 24 fish species in total, six of which are unique and introduced to our game for the first time. And if you’ve been dreaming of catching an actual shark, you’ll have that possibility now! Remember that Bull Shark frequently visits the waters of the Amazon Maze to snack on some local delicacies. In order to catch such giants we have, of course, prepared new kits of excellent tackle to be purchased at our store at the waterway, or at our new Premium Store. But take care and don’t leave your rods unattended: local monkeys are very curious and are always ready to steal a fun item just when you’re not looking.

Also note that with the launch of this Brazil location, the maximum level for all players will be increased to 70. 

Unfortunately, this waterway concludes our Amazon series. But don’t be sad, because there is still the vast and exciting world of Fishing Planet waiting to be explored in the future. 

I have sent an email, but no response. So here i am. Can i get a beta code? 

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The forum is for Fishing Planet . The Fisherman Fishing Planet is a separate game and has a publisher (Bigben/Nacom) that is a terrible company . If you look at Devs or Mods posts they have said MANY times to contact BigBen . As a person who owns The Fisherman buyers got a raw deal but if it sounds to good to be true then it is. Besides the Devs almost never reply here .

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb SuicideSquad420:

Amazonian Maze in Brazil in are we getting the 2 maps on the fisherman?

There is a posting above yours. ;)

vor 10 Stunden schrieb Hate_ful:

The forum is for Fishing Planet . The Fisherman Fishing Planet is a separate game and has a publisher

Please contact the publisher for your question. ;)

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 I found some new videos about brasil from KpShamino.

One overview, one bull shark guide and one about electric eels and arapaimas.

In the overview video, in addition to the fish species and fishing spots, he also shows new equipment such as a new casting combination, bait, landing net and a new, very fast bass boat (max. Speed 100km / h)


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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Roeman5:

There is always a delay for us.


Let's give PC users a little head start. ;) 😅😅😅

We'll catch it up easily. ;)

Until then I will still work a little on my rank, get my expenses for the St. Patrick's Day Event back in ............... and of course scratch my hooves a bit restlessly.😇

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I do understand they unlock the update for the PC players first to find issues in the new waterways.  But.. they are also giving them the possibility to start leveling up.

What I do not understand is why not give the PS4 and Xbox players the same possibility to start leveling up at the same time to be fair, unlock the level up to 70 and once the issues are out of the PC game update the waterways!! 

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