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bugged titanium leaders

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I contacted support about the titanium leaders being bugged asking to refund my coins wasted on them. Just to get a reply the next the next day and quote

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with such service. We found no issues with titanium leaders. 

Best regards, Diana"



Theres links to ingame time, durability before casting a  jerkbait, leader losing 1 durability casting the jerkbait, one cast with a medium spoon and leader losing more than a 1000 durability in a single cast with the spoon, and another confirming the in game time 2mins later.


Not bugged at all ?

So nice when your support just dismiss tickets to close them claiming they "tested" something.

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;) durability is only a measure for something to break when it reaches zero, and with further testing, I get the same bug with spinnerbaits, and bulletspinners losing random amounts per cast, anywhere from 500 to 1500 durability with a single cast.


Fished with popper jerkbaits and cranks an entire 2 days and lost only 5% durability.


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A leader with 10% functions the same as one with 100%. you can go test it yourself. Its still losing 1000 durability per cast even if its brand new. Not lines, rods, reels, the old cranks with durability, or leaders ever worked on the %. More than 0% equipment doesn't break, at 0% it breaks.  So both your assumption and supports is wrong. 

You don't go changing line at 80% or 20% ever, Or go back to repair anything that isn't close to 0. 


Tested spinners, they have the same bug. Seems like its all lures that fall in the category of spinners/spoons in the inventory.

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If you are losing 1000 in durability per cast on that rod reel combo, then something is wrong.  I tested same rod and reel and the wear was much less.


and you are correct. A worn leader or line at 90% provides the same strength as one worn down to 10%.


if that weren’t that case we would have change line and leader with every cast.




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Changed the worn leader on day 5 when it got to 5%, im now on day 11 and it lost only 15% when not using spoons/spinners/,mediumspoons or spinnerbaits, wearing at roughly the same rate as the line/rod/reel. 


And as you can see even when they are in the "red" nothing is breaking, equipment only breaks at 0%, and they don't wear faster if the % is lower. Its a fixed rate.

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