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Bream Feeder Frenzy


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Fishing Planet Win10/XBox

On 02/27/2021 20 competitors were prevented from playing in the semi-final Bream Feeder Frenzy Tour, so I sent this email.

We have restarted the game a few times, and are still unable to enter the tournament.
It is unfortunate what happens to such a good game. Note that out of 60 there are only 25 playing, and only shows the lineup of 20 competitors. We postponed our weekend commitments to compete, and we are prevented.

Attention support, what happened that we are unable to enter the tournament ????  All GPBr participants in Win10 are unable to play. GPBr CiviBra43, GPBr FireHydra, GPBr Capitao. Us among other players.

Waiting for your statement.





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9 hours ago, GPBr-FireHydra said:

What we really wanted to do was participate in the competition. Upon realizing the error, the least they should have done was to abort the tournament and change the date. As for bitcoins, they sent me 200bt.


14 hours ago, yadimka48 said:

+200. I'm sad. it's a failure. my 1st place was lost somewhere.


15 hours ago, sithidious said:

It's 300 baitcoins by the looks, my mate just signed in and noticed he had 300 extra coins.


You are lucky, guys
I've received 3 coins only, if i not mistake

Only 3 coins, Carl!)

Support, It was a joke?))


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