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Ive been playing a couple weeks now and made an oberservation. In my time zone and level it can be hard to get into an event, I would like to see maybe a group system where you can set the target then charge a fee - gold or money to privately host a "gentlemens" match. Maybe the host pays a couple gold to the server to set it up the players enter with a cash stake winner takes all. The gold is recurculated back into the game through tournaments to avoid a sink.  Basically enable players to host there own small event

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ur totally correct id love to host a comp with my friends and or competitors.  Comps would then be created when people have there spare time and not wait till 3 am. Their moneypack screen no one buys  anyway so we need a group system where we control the time of day and are own made stipulations for the comps. Fishing Planet its time to give up the comp timing  and let us control are own events cause the system is broken for a lot of us. Time to give us control

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