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Trophy and X-Series Lures


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Do trophy and x-series lures attract more fish than standard lures? I’ve been watching YT videos for competitions and they are mostly using x-series lures and slaying the fish. I try the same spots with the standard version of the lure and only catch a fraction. 

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Noone knows for sure. I would say that they do not with some exceptions where you don't have matching regular lure. Like Golem Lore. But what seems to be true is that X-Series lures work with every weather while with regular lures you have to be more careful with the colour choice. For example although I have X-Series Buzzbait I'm using regular lures in Saltwater Giants competitions.

But it is true that in general I also use X-Series lures in competitions only because then I can fit all my needed lures to the backpack and I don't have to carry all the variations with me.

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