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Farming sturgeons in Cali - Bait - which is which?

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So finally, i convinced myself to buy an advanced lic in Cali, wanting to farm sturgeons, and 1 hour (real time) has passed, and so far, ive only caught 1 smallmouth bass, 1 steelhead and a striped bass, using my casting rod with a #4/0 medium spoon.

Not even a single bite on my bottom rod with a crawfish on a #4/0 hook.

In-game info says white sturgeons prefer large cutbaits or crawfish. so i bought myself tons of crawfish since its cheaper.

However, watching most of the guides, most (if not all) are using spawn sacks to farm white sturgeons.

Now im confused. 🤪 spawn sack is not even listed as a preferred bait of sturgeons.

does that mean ive wasted my money on crawfish? can it somehow attract anything? :P 

hoping for someone shedding light on this matter. thank you!


ps. i may have searched the wrong tag for this topic, and nothing was coming out. so i ended up creating this. :D also searched Baits and Lures.

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This is where i tried my spot so far, since 3 of the videos i watched had that common spot.


I was also fishing at peak time, based on the bite time.

is there any chance left for my crawfishes? LOL!

i also have grasshoppers, corns and peas in my bag.

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Crawfish do work on sturgeon, but spawn sack has a much better bite rate.

Make sure you are fishing at night for the sturgeon for best results, also helps if you have multiple rods out and spread out the casting spots to avoid any dead zones.

During the day you should also be able to fill your net with carp using the peas/corn and lots of bass / steelheads using the spoon. The salmon by the dam are also a good money maker.

Best option is to make enough money to cover the current trip and then go back armed to the teeth with spawn sack and a night light :)

You should be able to turn a profit in Cali even without the sturgeon.

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46 minutes ago, AlteredApe said:

Crawfish do work on sturgeon, but spawn sack has a much better bite rate.

music to my ears, LOL! ill take my chances on em just so not to waste them crawfishes. 😅


44 minutes ago, PokerXXL said:


I once marked "my" spots for sturgeon on your picture.


thanks! ill try to those spots



so is night time really the best time for sturgeons?

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Definitely. :)

Depending on the peaks you should be able to 3 at 9pm, then 3 @ 11pm, 3 @ 1 am and 3 @ 3am, hit fast forward to next night and boom, money. Rinse and repeat until so bored you can't stand the site of sturgeon. :)

They didn't call the comp Sturgeon In The Dark for nothing :D

Good luck.

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20 hours ago, kdog013 said:

Did you watch the video I posted in the walleye topic? It explains the method that @AlteredApe mentioned above and is also in a different spot that you need a boat to get to. It still won't post as a link but here it is anyway;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeoYofPPUEI

hello sir!

good day to you! yes i did, though i cant seem to find any luck on that spot. theyre not biting my crawfishes there. lol!

so far, im doing good from the left-bottom spot.

though ill try again a little later :P cos simply looking at the casting distance really would be sweet for reeling in. thanks!

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just wanted to give update that ive tried that spot again where you need to go on a boat, and ive been doing 5 in-game days now getting around 25k/ day, with my 250kg keepnet.

thank you master anglers for your tips and support!

im so happy, im even using my 6kg setup, and catching 20kg+ sturgeons without putting up a fight, lol!

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so ive been fishing in cali for 3 weeks and 2 days now, and have managed to haul lots of cash amounting to 3M+ in-game cash.
couldnt have done it without the help of @kdog013, @PokerXXL, and @AlteredApe. Thanks a bunch master anglers!

also, im now level 51, thats 13 levels farming sturgeons in cali! 🤩 i really appreciate the help guys, and gals!

for the benefit of everyone who might be wanting to earn cash, or just to level up, i think cali is a great place once youve unlocked it, and have a decent keepnet/stringer. i think at least 150kg/330lb would do fine. if you have something bigger, the better.

fish at night, 9pm to 5am, then fast forward to 9pm again. real easy! :D


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