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Will Amazonian Maze in Brazil ever come to this version of the game ?

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On 3/17/2021 at 12:19 PM, FPdimsam said:

Maybe later, but not now and even close future. This question is better to ask the publisher, but he is unlikely to answer.

Very disappointing. I really wish there could be more transparency regarding future support for the game. I’ve been considering a refund, it just REALLY doesn’t look good for PR, I notice this especially now that I’ve realized BigBen/Nacon is the same publisher responsible for the whole messed up Sinking City situation. I don’t want The Fisherman to suffer a similar fate. 

(Blink Twice if you’re in a Sinking City situation and nobody is talking about it)

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On 3/17/2021 at 8:46 AM, ianaconda said:

Will Amazonian Maze in Brazil ever come to this version of the game ? This is beyond sad.

Hi welcome back ianaconda!!! :) 


The Fisherman game's support is up to the BigBen publisher. You can ask about their plans to release any additional content here https://www.bigben-interactive.co.uk/support/

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I just looked at the current text on Steam and "the fisherman - fishing planet.com" about The fisherman.

Both sides say something like 19 bodies of water, how many bodies of water do the buyers of "the Fisherman" have?

Steam is still talking about free updates, but it doesn't say whether it's just functional updates or also new waters.

I may be mistaken, but the number of waters from the information should be met.

Likewise, according to the update history of Steam, also the statement about the free updates.

Therefore, imho the statements in the sales text would be fulfilled.

Even if it's annoying, that wouldn't make me illegal deception.

Rather from having expectations that are a little too high. ;)

And when comparing "The fisherman" and "Fishing planet", "The fisherman" has exclusive waters in France and trolling.

I get really jealous as a user of the F2P version, who could already afford 3 "The fisher man" licenses (for the old price)  for the cost of the DLCs and premium times that have been used up to now. ;)

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The Fisherman is about 1 year behind Fishing Planet in terms of DLCs, gear and levels.

The population on TF is sparse mainly because new users get frustrated with the lack of community support. I try to fish in public instances so I can help whoever needs help. What happens is I'll hear someone comment how awful the game is because the fish are slow to bite. That's when I send a tell on how to use time forwarding for peak fishing. Unfortunately, not enough high level anglers stick around to mentor new anglers. High level anglers show-up for their favorite competitions. There are no custom competitions to set for new players to enjoy.

It's rather boring and frustrating for new players on The Fisherman. New DLCs will only frustrate new players more with the lack of community support and competition. New South American DLCs will hold interest for a short period of time as veterans will fall back on their favorite waterways and hone their skills on favorite competitions. For me, the big lure of new upgrades on Fishing Planet is the new gear more so than the new waterway. Thusly, the publisher (Bigben/Nacon) really needs to work on public relations metrics to stimulate player morale. If I wasn't already an exprienced FP player, I'd be annoyed with TF's lack of new content and community too.

Amateur competitions are frequently canceled on TF just like FP. Advanced competitions that fall on non EU prime time are also frequently canceled. That's when I brave the lag and test fishing theories on FP.

However, for such a sparse population on TF, I run into more fellow female anglers on TF than on FP.

The Fisherman has become my Fishing Planet sandbox to test new fishing recipes and methods before trying them out on Fishing Planet. It's more cost effective to travel, test, buy stuff on TF than on FP. Less server lag, likely due to the sparse population.

A maxed out TF angler from start to finish on TF is 10 faster on TF than on FP due to TFs economic mechanics.

PS: If new TFers need a mentor buddy, feel free to send me friend requests in game.

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That was a concise and well stated comment about TF.  I have removed FP from my PS because of the bugs and cost of moving up. The limits placed on the angler in the original add too much frustration for me. That said, TF really does stink at times with the freeze and disconnects to mention a few, but I have offered to mentor several newbies on the game. Some have flourished and others flounder but that is part of playing. 

My biggest gripe is the lack of on-line conversation/assist available here in this forum. I placed a comment on St Croix some time ago and there is no reply nor has anyone made any further comment after mine. 

One of the big problems I find is the "Upcloseness" of people (ie. set up right on top of you, cast through you, etc) and believe that they will be catching on the same rate as I am. I have attempted to explain that I could be standing on the shore and it is raining and they are in sunshine. I do direct them to the wiki site to help. All that said, the majority of level 50+ are, if approached politely, will give a hand to the lower level fisherpeople.

Tight lines all.


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In case Wavy got lost in all the side arguments regarding The Fisherman upgrades versus Fishing Planet, many of us who play both The Fisherman and Fishing Planet worry about the future of The Fisherman because the population is so sparse.

While The Fisherman uses the Fishing Planet fishing engine, The Fisherman is governed by game publisher Nacom/Bigben. It's up to the publisher to contract the Devs of Fishing Planet to integrate new waterway upgrades into The Fisherman and then bug test the upgrades to ensure a smooth integration.

We can hope that Nacom/Bigben will initiate another contract with Fishing Planet devs to work on The Fisherman further without changing the format of The Fisherman to be an exact copy of Fishing Planet. However, The Fisherman is having enough issues with its lack of support and community interaction to retain and garner new players.

The Fisherman needs a bigger overhaul than just new upgrades to remain afloat.

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