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Will Amazonian Maze in Brazil ever come to this version of the game ?

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On 3/17/2021 at 12:19 PM, FPdimsam said:

Maybe later, but not now and even close future. This question is better to ask the publisher, but he is unlikely to answer.

Very disappointing. I really wish there could be more transparency regarding future support for the game. I’ve been considering a refund, it just REALLY doesn’t look good for PR, I notice this especially now that I’ve realized BigBen/Nacon is the same publisher responsible for the whole messed up Sinking City situation. I don’t want The Fisherman to suffer a similar fate. 

(Blink Twice if you’re in a Sinking City situation and nobody is talking about it)

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I just looked at the current text on Steam and "the fisherman - fishing planet.com" about The fisherman.

Both sides say something like 19 bodies of water, how many bodies of water do the buyers of "the Fisherman" have?

Steam is still talking about free updates, but it doesn't say whether it's just functional updates or also new waters.

I may be mistaken, but the number of waters from the information should be met.

Likewise, according to the update history of Steam, also the statement about the free updates.

Therefore, imho the statements in the sales text would be fulfilled.

Even if it's annoying, that wouldn't make me illegal deception.

Rather from having expectations that are a little too high. ;)

And when comparing "The fisherman" and "Fishing planet", "The fisherman" has exclusive waters in France and trolling.

I get really jealous as a user of the F2P version, who could already afford 3 "The fisher man" licenses (for the old price)  for the cost of the DLCs and premium times that have been used up to now. ;)

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