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Moneymaker achievement not working?

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I was wondering if Im doing something wrong or I misunderstand this achievement.  I've placed in the top 10 of several comps and even have came in the top 3 of a few but its not recording it in the moneymaker achievement and its greyed out.  Any information would be appreciated.  I was not sure if its a bug/glitch.  I play on xbox. My user name is xSKULLHUNTERxxx

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From what I can make out Moneymaker (win credits by placing in the top 10 of any competition) I is winning 1,000 credits, II is 10,000 credits and III is 100,000 credits. Suggest you send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Xbox) and a description of your problem. Maybe support can shed some light on what is going on. HTH. 

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Disregard my above comment, I guess maybe it pay that much did after looking at comp rewards, shows how much I know about comps. I came in tenth in a tourney once and that only paid like 1000 or 1600 credits. that's what made me think mine was messed up, my apologies. 

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