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New Feature/Developement Requests


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Some basic features I would like to see to improve gameplay

-  I would like to see some controller vibration feedback on the PS4 when fish are biting and during retrieval.  Having played on both PC and PS4 I really prefer PS4 version because the game controls feel much more lifelike than keyboard/mouse and this simple improvement would enhance the experience even more.

- An enhanced photo mode so we can actually get a snapshot of our characters with our catches.  


More advanced features

- I would like to share my sentiment with others in that I would really like to see Oceanic fishing added to FP along with an increased level cap.    I'm hoping this is already in development at some level or at least on your radar for future development :)

- I also like the idea of adding additional ultra rare (legendary) fish or the possibility of discovering new species of fish.  Perhaps they could come with special achievements and rewards when caught as well.

- a fish journal.   Basically a log of fish we caught, time of day, location and type of lure used.


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What I would like to see is the Tennessee river. A huge river where you can catch many fish, Including the overgrown channel catfish. You can also catch certain panfish, drum, carp, largemouth bass, gar, and bullhead catfish. Occasionally a barge will pass through going to the facility on the other side, and you can fish on a lane, which includes a dock, and a rock outing. Behind you is a small area with a bench. If you look on Google maps, the area is near new Johnsonville, and it's called camden landing.

Please consider this. It's a great place.

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