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“Server connection timed out. Server is unavailable or please check your firewall and isp settings. Press any button to continue...” - This is unacceptable

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I recently discovered that I cannot have my VPN active if I want to play the game. I have already contacted the support but so far they have not done anything about it.

Now I am also having trouble getting the connection without using the VPN.

From what I have read here on the forum there are many players with the same problem and I do not see the devs taking this seriously.

If I had known this before I would not have invested the money I have already invested in the game.

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Me as well, been trying to connect, deleted the cache file and rebooted my router but still failing. It seems it is trying to upgrade and there is a download but when it completes it still does not connect and delivers a server time out message. Very frustrating!!!! I opened an incident with them.

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