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I have a money problem because my balance is -14,000. When I was taking the fish out of the water, my license expired and I got a fine of 20,000. How can I get this money back now? There is no way I can earn that much from a lonely star.

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Best bet would be to use something like a Valuespin rod, a suitable spinning reel and some 7g (1/4 oz) narrowspoon 1/0 lures on Bass at Lonestar fishing the peak times (leaving and returning to the waterway if required - no travel cost), should be around 80 fish.


many people have managed to get out of debt. You'll get $3000 just for logging in four (real life) days in a row. Always try to use an Advanced licence so you can pick and choose which fish (barring a couple) you want to keep. Buy an Unlimited Advanced licence for Lonestar as backup insurance should you find yourself in the same position again. Do not sell or bin your old setups until your satisfied with your new tackle and always have a backup spinning setup sitting at home. Also suggest keeping different sized keepnets for different waterways (a small one for Lonestar, medium for the Everglades and a large one for Michigan for example).

Once you're out of debt suggest saving up for good spinning outfit and a couple of different coloured narrowspoons #1/0's(as suggested before) and then taking a trip to either Rocky (for the trout) or Emerald (for the night time Walleye) to get some money back in your account (using lures is cheaper than bait when money is low IMO). 

You could also buy a DLC pack, the Lucky Start pack seemed to be the cheapest and included $10,000 credits (not all DLC comes with credits, be sure to check) 


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