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Problem with Trophy Whiskers Comp maybe NEW bass boat issue???


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I was in the Trophy Whiskers comp today - I usually do good in this comp - the last 2 I was a top three finisher.  Today I did the comp and there were no fish that I could catch went to my usual spots with the same gear I always use and could not get a bite.  Nothing would show on the fish finder either.  I changed spots, baits, ect... And nothing worked.  After almost 40 minutes IRL, I left the comp with 20 minutes left and not a single bite.  The only thing I used different was the new bass boat otherwise everything was the same.  Could it be a glitch with the boat? Also Since the update, game crashes constantly (which I know the server's are probably bogged down and I can understand that).


2.  Xbox

3. 4-17-21 3:44pm est

4. See above

5.  LaCazadora 11'1" - Torbellino 1100 - Gary Scott Sagitta bass boat

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There is no fix for this. It is intentional and part of the fish ai since the custom competitions release. There is a post about it here 

Theres Killerwhale sais:


Competitions system rework in progress. Probably will be finished with Players created competitions release, and all american waterways will be switched to the new FIsh AI system.

And thats the solution they game up with to fight the multiple account players. Your RNG has a predetermined schedule just like theres a schedule for a weather. In average you have 1 really good RNG for 10 games where you can catch even when you don't do everything the best way possible and 1 game is really poor where it doesn't matter what you do you will not catch anything. Everything else falls between those two extremes.

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Same exact thing happened to me.  I have always done well in Whiskers but I did not mark a fish in a green boat (not new) for 45 minutes.  Then marked a few.  I caught 4 common fish and ended up with "0" for a score.  Yet 1st place, who was not a team member had 1406.   This was just around Aug 5 2021.  Another player, told me that he had same results and found fishing from shore was better then the boat.   He said, since the new up date, they nerfed boat fishing in the comp.  It puzzled me, because in regular fishing I was catching all kinds of fish at the same weather and time period as the comp.  Now, other comps I do ok.  Even "Fossil" in the same lake, from a boat placed which was beginning of August.  So, I am glad that I might have been doing something wrong, but sad that they have this problem.  


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