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Lightning Glitch (i think)

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So i'm at Mudwater River (not sure if it happens anywhere else or not) and i cast my feeder rod and mid cast, there was a loud thunder-like sound and my screen flashed white (not whole screen at once but in boxes going down). It was extremely loud (thank GOD i was not wearing my headphones) and scared the heck out of me. Not sure if it was a glitch or a new lightning feature, but please fix and/or make it A LOT quieter please. My ear drums and heart thank you kindly

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This exact thing happened to me multiple times last night. Nearly bust my ear drums! (And scared the shitzle out of me too, was not expecting that!) Same place, Mudwater River. Compared to how quiet much of the rest of the game is, and that I have trouble hearing the bells, having something so suddenly loud was greatly shocking.

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