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Construction worker clones


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So I got some shiny new DLC. But the included clothing is pointless. The hat has no light and the jacket hold less tackle than the in game waist coat.  So I still wear the ugly shirt and yellow hat and still look like all the other construction workers round the ponds.

How about making unlocked clothing 'skinable'. So at the moment in the character editor you can only change the colour of your trousers. How about when getting new DLC and unlocks the colour schemes can be added to the editor.  

Every beginner starts with ugly shirt and maybe a basic jacket. But the as you progress you can mix and match styles without losing pocket storage or head lamp.

No more clones.

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Yes.  Most DLC clothing and boxes hold fewer tackles than I think they should.

there are exceptions, like the gold package dlc, and maybe the bottom rod dlc, although you will eventually outgrow these as you level up.

The cap with a light can be obtained by catching 100 fish at night or doing the challenges or events that have a light cap reward.


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