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I was just wondering if there has been any discussions about the amateur comps going away. For instance, on a Friday night there are 3 amateur comps in a row and that makes for a slow and boring night for those of us that compete in those comps. Most if not all get cancelled and that would open up more space so players can actually compete in the comp. Thank you for you time and I hope this is getting looked to for future update.



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Yes, It has been discussed before, there was even a poll on it (in this forum) a while ago. Last I heard was they would wrap up the current release of waterways (can't remember if that was Europe or South America) and then having a look at trying to improve things like the competitions (couldn't find the actual post). 

I do agree having back to back amateur comps is annoying, especially when they all get cancelled because the people they are for can't afford the cost involved with attending them.

Would be really nice for another update on the plans for this.   

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Appreciate it. A few of us have just been discussing it and I figured I'd bring it up again. Hopefully we can get an update on the plans for it down the road. I do think a "revamp" of the comps would be nice. 

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