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Michigan Blue Catfish Cranks


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Michigan Blue Catfish can be farmed with the big glow in the dark crank sold at the lake shop, not sure about any others. Stand at the old spot pre boats, cast out 100 feet, hold shift deep dive the lure and start a fast stop and go at 60 feet they will normally bite at 30. Speed 2-3 Recommended! I seem to have best luck Sunny Days and after Sunny day weather at 12 pm! More experimentation is in order because I've also got them from the boat launch towards the dock and also on my way to Pike ally.  https://clips.twitch.tv/WrongHomelyOrangeAMPTropPunch

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I'm not sure about the algorithm of fish bites but with the new changes the Muskie have a hard time biting the 2oz spoon in Michigan and the 30 ft crank doesn't get deep enough to trigger the same type of bite rates I was getting for blue catfish. I will adjust the lures appropriately but you may have to make them preferred otherwise we are going to have even less action than before at least in Michigan lol

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