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Hey, anglers!

This update includes:


GPS navigation on motorboats


Players no longer have to use a tablet to navigate traveling by boat.

While the motorboat is in motion, and you press the button to call the tablet, the echo sounder screen will display a map of the location, if such functionality is provided for this type of boat.

The tablet will no longer obscure the player's view. The player also does not need to stop the boat to navigate.

The list of boats with the GPS sonar improvement:

  • Garry Scott™ FPBS FireBird™ Motor Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Lynx Motor Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Lupus Motor Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Corvus™ Bass Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Orion™ Bass Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Phoenix™ Bass Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Scorpius™ Bass Boat
  • Garry Scott™ X-Series Scorpius™ Bass Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Sagitta™ Bass Boat
  • Garry Scott™ Lyra Motor Boat

Five of them are available in the in-game store for baitcoins and credits.

Bottom outline visibility improved with using GPS



  • Window for buying baitcoins after entering the local map fixed.
  • Interaction with players profile after the casting fixed
  • Visualization of landscape objects on Bolivia fixed
  • Possibility to change baits after using rodstand fixed
  • Issue with the walls fixed
  • Access to the main channel on Amazonia Fixed
  • Issue with the rods in the competition Moonlight Gar fixed
  • Issue with the rods after the returning to the local map fixed
  • Fish behavior on Kaniq Creek fixed
  • Switching rooms issue during competitions fixed
  • Issue with the weather broadcast after the time forwarding fixed
  • Incorrect line equipment when transferring templates to the slot Fixed
  • Hall of Fame Tournament's displaying issue fixed.
  • Issue with avatars in the tab “Friends” fixed. 
  • Issue with drag force and reeling speed after clipping fixed. 
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