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Line weight for rods

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you can ignore the warning, if you choose to.  You would then risk breaking your pole if drag is set higher than the pole's weight rating. This also applies to a reel which generates the same warning when trying to rig it with line heavier than it's rated for.  It takes a bit of experimentation, and when the experiment fails, i.e. your equipment must be repaired or replaced, a load of credits, but one of the things I find most enjoyable about FP is the freedom to screw up.

Tight lines.

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You want to maintain a balance between all three components of your rig.  Ideally, the line should be the weakest item of the three - line, rod, reel.  For a 35 pound rod and reel, use line no higher rated than 35 pounds, or risk breaking rod and/or reel.  The only way to fish a line heavier than the rating of your rod or reel is to risk breaking the rod or reel - note: repairing a broken rod/reel is very expensive and some rods/reels cannot be repaired if broken.

  For most fish, 30 pound test line is enough.  e.g. Brutus 11' 10", Thunderspin 4500, 30# line.  Both rod and reel can handle that line without risk of damage.  better a lost lure or hook than broken reel or rod.

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