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[All Platforms] Fish Monsters: Tiber Grayling Wrestler Monster

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Hey there, anglers! 

Are you ready to save Fishing Planet? 


The beautiful Tiber River is terrorized by a monstrous form of European Grayling with a temper so malicious that it has turned its color to dark, almost black!

Get ready for hunting new fish-monster in a thrilling adventure.

May good fortune and eternal ancient powers always guide you on all your fishing escapades!

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Took awhile to get to this monster challenge. Lots of repair work to the ancient power grid in my area this week.

Since the Grayling Wrestler resides in Tiber River, Italy, I took it as a shameless opportunity to do some sonar boating to scout underwater terrain.

If you are still struggling to land the Grayling Wrestler Monster of Tiber, Italy, the following spoiler is for you.



Phase 1: Collect 5x Dark Hornwort
The type of terrain for Dark Hornwort are weedy patches near rocks and tiny islands. Dark Hornwort is rare in Tiber, Italy. When the monster mission active, Dark Hornwort is plentiful in one spot. Once the mission is over, Dark Horn again becomes scarce, and shells become common.

Stand up against the wall with a bottom feeder rod or any rod that can use a heavy lure (56g/2oz+), aim for the highlighted red circle region and drag your heavy bait or lure (use Straight & Slow retrieve) towards you.


Phase 2: Grayling Wrestler's Secret
Once you complete phase 1 of the monster hunt and assemble the Dark Hornwort Fiber Line, go grab a Jig Winner spinning rod  with a sturdier braid line and use either #1/0 Nano Spoon or Narrow Spoon. That's right. Once you complete phase 1, you don't need to equip the Dark Hornwort Fiber Line. I started out with a heavier spin rod and snapped the line a few times. When I switched to my lightest available spin rod, I forgot to equip the mission line and quickly caught the monster anyway.



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