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4th of July

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The "Historic fish are included on Fisherman, but there is no info about what fish are available, there is no list of anything about the 4th missions. The flag can be raised... gift usually fireworks to induce the Historic fish to bite... Yeah... more pop and bang...  Anyway, I have caught the Historic Muskie at St. Croix... can't hookup with any other ones at either Texas or Alaska.... Friends have caught at Florida... haven't tried yet...   I agree there needs to be some way...like StPatricks... for us to have some idea...  PS4

Update... some real good Utubes for info...all missions, fish... the whole enchilada

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Add utube info.
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No cannons in game. No special lures at area shops to help you figure-out which historical fish can be caught in the area. No mission markers to track progress.

I guess I'm here for the fireworks and occasional event lure. Some of the event lures and soft baits work real well with trophy and uni farming.

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Thank you for Bigdaddy's list, Kdog.

I finished the Independence event on Fishing Planet. Know where and what to use.

The Fisherman, however, has no missions listed for the event. No mission tracker, so you don't really know how many of each fish with the specific lure as event lures also catch other types of Historic fish. There are so many lures but you are lucky if you get 1 a day. Mostly you get fireworks. I have 3 lures so far, and about 300+ fireworks from daily visits. The Emerald Lake Washington Statue mission isn't even active even though the statue is there. No cannons.

This year, The Fisherman's Independence event appears to have loaded incompletely.

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Well it is over... That was a fumble from the start... NO info.. No lead up.... Heck, don't even put that in the Missions.  BIgBen didn't even have their hands on the ball. I guess that the 4th of July kind snuck up on them.... Ok, so I got Washington's hat... that meant I landed 150 Historic fish... I am pretty sure that I didn't even get 1/2 of the species, but BigBen kept that mum.... Should we warm them that Halloween is scheduled for October?   or Christmas.... Commmooonnnn... That was embarrassing, if I were responsible...Well... aannywayyy.... At least I have a nice Tricorn... Tight Lines All.

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