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Is cheating still allowed in game and a couple of questions ??


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 My question is are you allowing people to use scripts to Cheat ? had one instant where i was trying to get the historic fish challene done  near end of the 4th   of july only to hava player fly through the air land on my boat and spent a  lot of time keep getting in the way,, also today came in to play and had 2 discusaing where to get files to cheat check your chat txt its all there, both tsm-xXsashko 45 and datnguyen210801 50 these 2 dont really want to play but should be checked out they may be trying to get full lake access without grinding or paying premium also they are looking for the cheat that allows them to walk on water and just pick biggest uni possible out of any lake which is not fair to genuine players, seems a  lot  is happening now with these scripts, all my catches are legal been playing since 1st Jan 2018,Would also hope at some stage you  put out the game to buy and have dlc stuff for buying as well at same time i know you can buy dlc as you always pit that every time you load up the game. Just thing i cannot get my head round is i have to pay 950 for 5 large minnows ?? Really ??? In real terms 5 Large minnows liver would only cost a couple of pounds.

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