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Angling machine 3

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I had given up on this challenge but then I saw somewhere that you could do it with the Christmas fish when the jukebox is playing as the fish do not turn away once they bite.

 At the everglades with a rest and three rods right next to the jukebox, and feeding in coins as the music ends worked for me. Google it and be patient until Christmas.

Good luck.

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Yes, fishing for the smaller event fish (as mentioned above the Christmas bandit Aracu being the most reliable to catch) would be the easiest way to finish this achievement.  I managed to do it at Rocky using a light float rod, a number #10 hook with Crickets for bait (i.e something small)*. The most important thing was the fish activity graph, you needed to find a day where the activity was high to medium for a long period of time to have any chance of success.

* a #10 hook was the smallest at the time and feeder rods had not been introduced yet. 

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