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Carp colossus


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How do you unlock the Carp colossus mission? I'm level 50 and fishing on Weeping Willow but the fish monster mission hasn't showed up. I know there's a prep mission to catch all the unique Carp to get the bait before you can catch the monster but that's not showing up either. Is there something missing that I haven't done or is it glitched?

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On 8/3/2021 at 10:54 AM, PH_Carpman99 said:

That sounds a bit strange, the bit about having the Carp Lord DLC. I don't have it (I am above level 52) and was able to finish the mission normally. 🤔

Yeah I've never heard of them telling you to buy DLC before. I didn't even use a carp rod for the mission, just a bottom rod with corn and peas mostly and caught the monster on semolina balls. 😉

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Indeed, I also ended up catching the monster on a bottom rod (with corn) as well. My carp rod setup and the special groundbait didn't tempt it, although I did have a little fun :icon_2: when it took a feeder (Big Allie, 1/0 and bloodworm) setup intended for something a bit smaller (eventually lost due to low line tension trying to find a better position).

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