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Any Chance of adding a colour option


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Hi been  playing quite a while but find it such a pain for example you go to st croix fish near the lighthouse its fine until the sun comes up directley over where you are fishing so all the details are on the right lure etc and when the sun is up you can hardly see the details have to keep putting the rod low just to read the data all is in white sky is white so you cannot see the details properly, why not have the option say when its so bright you can set the colour to black or any other dark colour seems odd when your trying to keep a check on your lure and the other details, same applies to other lakes, anyone knows if this will be sorted out at some stage ? Thanks for your rely

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4 hours ago, kdog013 said:

There's also blue tinted "John Lennon" type glasses you can get during the Christmas event. It would be nice to have something besides white for a font color though.

Yes no reason why font colour can be changed,  ive heard from a few others that bought thr glasses only to find somewhat waste of time.


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