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Fishing Accessories Kit


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I just saw this BC DLC in shop. It has a hat, headlamp and slingshot.

On, slingshot, it says Range: Medium. What range is that (m or ft)?

Also, headlamp is in the "Misc" while hat is in "Outfit". Is headlamp a hat or something you can equip with the hat that has Flashlight space?


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Yeah you are right, it's not like this is groundbreaking :)

Was just wondering on the specs. Anyway got my answer about the Headlamp. You can mount it on any hat that has a flashlight spot. This is nice because Prometheus one that has the light has only 1 Tackle space while some others have 4 + Flashlight spot. I mean it's not a lot but it's still better than Prometheus.

Still waiting to see what range is the slingshot :)


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Since nobody answered, I'll just close this topic with info for anyone considering to buy the pack.

- Headlamp can be put on any hat which has Flashlight spot so you can use it with some hat that has more tackle space than the Prometheus.

- Slingshot has 40m \ 131ft range.

- Hat has 2 Tackle spots so if you don't have any better you can use this with the headlamp instead of Prometheus.

Stay safe.

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