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Goldens on Rocky Question....

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2 hours ago, spincast1123 said:

Ok, Fishin Rocky Lake Co.... Lookin 4 Colorado Golden Trout... Not catchin, nor observed any having been caught... It has been only one day at this time and I am just putting it out there.


Tight lines...

You can land all sizes of all species of trout in that lake with a lightweight rod with fluorocarbon and a #1, #1/0 nano spinner or narrow spoon.

alternatively use any insect bait or salmon eggs, with a float or feeder

the fish list on that waterway tells you what baits you can use. You have many choices for that lake

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Don't know if there's a problem with catching "Goldies" at Rocky (with the fisherman version), they are quite fond of insects like Grasshoppers fished near the bottom (especially drop offs close to the shore line) and tend to be more active in low light conditions (cloudy and at night).  They also seem to respond to spinners better than spoons (also in the same low light conditions) (IMO). 


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Apologies, yup there are Goldies in Rocky Lake.... Just started "finding" them after others started catching.... I had not observed any landings until after the post was up... Now they are available.... I should have mentioned that I was limited to spinners for a Mission... sorry for the omission... dah.... I also had to size down in spinner size.. Trout are looking for small and quick, kinda like real life... anyway, they are available, and beautiful, and I was able to complete the mission...


Tight lines all

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