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Hi any chance of the licences being changed or updated ? The reason why i ask this taking maku maku as an example for me its 10.000 for the advenced licence, so if i play it for say only 5m and find i have other things to do and come back the next day carry on and it says expired, only played 5 minutes so its another 10.000 for  so i would have spent 20.000 ? Surely it can be changed say atleast not have to pay 10.000 but say half that its very unfair on high priced lakes. the only benefit is if you play constantly without a break get your full net and advance time to next day you only pay a small fee for staying there,which is fine but not everyone can sit 24/7 playing. just a thought thats all, makes you not want to go to any of the high priced lakes, if you have grinded to make your money it really is unfair

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