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Cyber bullying/Multi-account


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Hello fishermen! I wanted to bring to the attention of all FP players on ps4, some behavioral problems of the "FwA" team.
We of the _it team, we had small arguments about 2 years ago, since then one member in particular 
(FwA_mitchthedog) continues his personal and useless battle against us.
Through sponsored competitions, he allows himself to insult people who have problems of obesity and poverty. Not only that, Fwa members play multi-account in the same competition (when they have no luck). 
Obviously we have proof of this and have not yet taken action. 


these are the names of the linked multi accounts

Fwa_mitchthedog - Fwa_necromonker - Fwa_capitanACHAB  SAME PERSON (declared by him)



Other multi accounts

Connect with these gamers

FwA_Crisantemo80                                                                                                  FwA_Patrickasr81



FwA_BlackGryphon                                                                                                  FwA_Uncle_Ken




If those who spend the most have more privileges beyond the rules, this FANTASTIC game will be short-lived, I hope you solve everything.



Just some






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3 hours ago, Sonny988c said:

Fwa members play multi-account in the same competition (when they have no luck).

Should be easy to fix. Drop the support team an email (support@fishingplanet.com), so they can forward it to the devs. From my experience, they don't read the forums much. If you also got screenshots of the comps & players in charge, I guess it's only a matter of days to ban them.

Thanks for sharing it with the community, though. Sad to hear that some people feel the need to harass other people. In a fishing game, of all places..

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