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(PS4) Alaska license ("It is recommended to buy a license")


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Hey guys,

Just a minor thing, that's been present for a while now:

If you travel to a lake, and don't have a license yet, the game pop ups a message telling you that it would be smart to buy one.

From there, you can press a button (I think it's X on PS4), and get sent to the in-game shop, where it shows you the two licenses for that specific lake (basic & advanced), that can be purchased.

If you do that with Alaska, it also sends you to the shop, but it doesn't apply the filter "Alaska" to the shop. It just shows every single license for every single lake. Which means you gotta scroll through the pages and find the one for Alaska.

As I said, just a minor thing. But it's been present for months now. Thought I'd finally report it so it can get fixed for everyones convenience 😊

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