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UK Salmon

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If they get around to making any UK venue with access to Atlantic Salmon, I wonder how they will deal with the fact that Spoons are rarely used here. They are available, but far more likely to catch Brown Trout than Salmon. Standard *spinning* tackle in Scotland would be using Devon Minnows in Brown/Gold, Black/Gold, Green/Yellow (Yellowbellies), and the outliers for special conditions are Blue/Silver (Changeable weather) and Black/Orange (in heavily coloured water).

If we are to get more technical, they come in a range of sizes from 2" to 3 1/4 ", but all tend to be custom weighted. I've seen 2" Devons weighing nearly 3 ozs, used in heavy floods. Of course, stable weather would do away with this, but as a lot of the rivers respond to high water conditions...

And don't start me on fly fishing :ph34r:

Sorry, just almost thinking out loud.

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