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Patch note: Fishing Accessories Kit, Trophy Collection Missions and bugfix!


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Hey anglers!

Many of you were asking about a new update, and we are happy to present you with our new features!

Fishing Accessories Kit

This special Fishing Accessories Kit will make sure you enjoy your favorite hobby with comfort!


Accessories Kit includes:

  • Luminos Headlamp.

  • Ballisto Groundbait Catapult.

  • Fishing Planet Cap.

The powerful Luminos Headlamp will make your night fishing trips truly spectacular!

The kit also comes with the reinforced Ballisto Groundbait Catapult, which can easily deliver your groundbait where you want it, and the amazing Fishing Planet Cap, 100% waterproof and keeping you safe from the wind.

Fishing Accessories Kit available in the in-game store!

This wonderful kit will serve you well at all your fishing adventures!

New Trophy Collection Missions



We are happy to present you 6 new Trophy Collection Missions that will test your fishing skills.

Get your best angling tackles and get ready to conquer new fishing heights!

Here what you will get:

  • Predator Carp Trophies - Level 26


  • Buffalo and Sucker Trophies - Level 28


  • Peacock Bass Trophies - Level 42


  • Saltwater Trophies - Level 50


  • Piranha Trophies - Level 54


  • South America Catfish Trophies - Level 56


This patch includes various bugfixes and the issue with the accuracy of the results in the tournaments is fixed. 


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