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Fishing Planet New Lake Dec, 2021

Rafael Gonçalves

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Try to find the fish at the waterway which give a good return of credits, aren't too hard to catch and doesn't fill your keepnet (or stringer) up straight away, stay at the waterway for multiple days by forwarding Time to either 5 am (starts a new day and empties the keepnet/stringer), the next peak period after 5 am or to the next night time peak period (there's no cool down penalty incurred for forwarding time between 9 pm - 5 am after the initial cool down for forwarding during the daytime to get to night time of course).  (No cool down time penalties apply at Lone Star).

Using a light spinning setup (maybe something like a lvl 3 ValueSpin rod, lvl 8 CrucianHunter 3000 reel and lvl 10 - 12 mono fishing line for starters) and some light lures (narrow spoon 1/0) might be cheaper than using bait at first.      

Always get an Advanced license, it allows you to decide which fish to keep or release, to fish at night and fish from a kayak/boat at appropriate waterways (a Basic license is not worth the hassle), check when it is due to expire regularly (select the Map tab from the Inventory screen or you could try pressing H). 

Upgrade your keepnet or stringer as soon as practicable, the more fish you can carry the more credits you'll get. At lower levels it might be better to use a stringer, they're cheaper and can hold more fish. The problem is you can't release (upgrade) a fish you've kept (like you can with a keeper) until you either start a new day or leave the waterway.   

Lone Star : Spotted Bass

Rocky : Trout (all species)

Emerald : Walleye (night fishing probably best)

When a waterway first becomes available to you it's most likely your tackle will be under powered for fishing there. Maybe go for a short trip, see what it's like and then set about upgrading your tackle.


Short version: Stay multiple days.

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