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How to complete the Halloween Event without Spending Real Money


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I'm looking for some tips/hints on how to complete the Halloween event, without having to pay real money to buy the packs. I know that there are a few packs that can be purchased with bait coins, but bait coins are hard earn with normal game play.

The cost of licenses, travel, etc is ridiculously high. Traveling to the 12 different water ways to collect items from pumpkins and tombstones, just adds to the cost.

I started this event at level 41. I had about $82,000 of in game money and 242 bait coins. The heaviest rods and reels I have are 1 32lb float rod, 1 32lb bottom rod, and a 25lb spinning rod. My keepnet is 110lb/33lb. As you can tell by my setup, it's very time consuming to catch the big fish, and I can't keep anything over 33 lbs. No fish, no money, no travel.

Now, I'm sure some of you are going to say that I haven't spent my money very wisely, and that may be true. I will say that I haven't spent any real money playing this game. I'm sure that's the real problem.

Thanks for any help.

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17 hours ago, lcheevers said:

Thanks jabjab. I was kind of hoping that at level 40, I would have adequate gear for this event. I'm starting to realize that these holiday events are really designed for level 70 end game players.

That's just not true, these challenges and missions have been around since 2018 when the max level was 40. I caught all three types of gar at level 40 back in 2018 with the Brutus match rod which is available at level 34-37 and at the time was the biggest match rod in the game. 

I also caught the Frankenfish in 2018 on the Zues rod which was the biggest spinning rod at the time as well and didn't spend a dime of real money for the event, just traveled around getting pumpkins for the baits and lures.

The tombstones weren't even unlocked until the second week of the event back then either so you had to wait in order to get certain lures like the skull jig and bony shad.

Obviously your keepnet is an issue, not much you can do about that at this point without buying a DLC with a suitable net included.

I would just travel to some of the lower level lakes and pick up what you can for baits since you're also low on cash, travelling to all waterways every day ends up costing $800K - $1M+ and the expensive lakes have the same items as the lower level ones.

All of the challenges and missions will still be there next year and the upcoming Christmas event can be a costly one too travelling around to open presents for items so hopefully you can stockpile some cash and get a bigger net before that one starts.

Good Luck

P.S. It took me two years to finish the Vampire Gar challenge because I didn't get enough rotten minnows from pumpkins and tombstones the first year. Same with the Ghost Pike challenge, just ran out of time on that one the first year.

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Thanks kdog. 

These are the Halloween missions that I have been able to complete so far:

  1. Get the Book
  2. Bunch of Mandrake Roots
  3. Bluegill Skeleton Tail
  4. Green Ogre Scale
  5. Albino Yeti Gills (60lb fish on 30lb gear was painful
  6. Kayaking missions at Emerald and Falcon
  7. Ghost Essence with Blade Spinner, Slimy Crank, and Bony Shad

I could complete the Ghost Essence mission, but I still haven't found the Silicon Spider, Spider Spoon, or Roach Spoon. Additionally, I only have 5 rotten minnows, so I can't complete Black Vampire Fin mission.

As far as the remaining kayaking missions go, I think I will be hard pressed to find all the needed items to complete those missions. But, you never know.

I do have a Brutus match rod, which I have been using. It's my understanding that the black vampire gar can reach 80-90lbs, which would be a real challenge.

I played a few more hours yesterday, and decided to gamble, and invest $65,000 in a new keepnet (330/110lbs). I still had a few hours left on my St. Croix license, so I fished there until my license expired. I completed 2 in-game fishing days, and was able to earn back around $25,000, which helps.

I should be able to get to level 42 tonight. If I can earn another $35,000 I can buy a 47lb bottom rod, and a 41lb reel. That might help with the vampire gar.

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The Silicon Spider should be easy enough but you'll have to keep your fingers crossed with the two spoons. They were very difficult to get last year and a lot of players never got them. While you're waiting for those two to show up you can try to work your way through the challenges in your profile tab.

There are other rewards for catching a certain number of each of the Gar, the Ghost Pike, and for catching a certain number of any fish using the candy bait. Each challenge has three stages to complete with rewards for each stage.

There was an update to make the fish fight harder some time ago so the brutus may not be strong enough for the vamps anymore, I'd have to try it myself to say for sure. Maybe I'll try that tonight just for kicks but you should be able to get more rotten minnows, enough to complete the mission at least.

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@lcheevers I fished two nights and the brutus worked just fine for the vamps. After the first 4 fish I got bitten off once so I threw on a titanium leader and left at the end of the night to buy the level 40 one but when I went back the bite rate seemed slow so I took it back off and ended up over the two nights catching 13 and losing just the one on the first night. They only took about two minutes of real time to get in except for the 92 pounder which took me 3 minutes.

I fished with just one rod and without titanium because rod stands and leaders weren't available back then but here's a couple of pics with my keepnet and the setup I was using;



EDIT: When I left to get the lvl 40 leader I did the pumpkin and tombstone run. That's why I have less money on the second pic than the first.

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kdog - I really appreciate the time, effort, and expense you put into helping me out. Hopefully, others will take the time to read this post and gain as much knowledge as I have.

My Brutus setup is very similar to your, so this is a great comparison. I spent a couple of hours last night playing. I made the rounds on a few lower level lakes, and got another 5 rotten minnows. No luck on the needed lures though.

I went to Quanchkin with my Brutus and 10 rotten minnows. I ended up catching 2 vampires, 6 alligator gar, 1 trophy white bass?, and had 1 bitten off.

85lb gar are certainly a struggle to land, but it can be done. I'm disappointed that I got so many alligator gar on the event bait.

At this point, I concede to this event. I doubt I will be able to get my hands on enough rotten minnows to complete this mission, or the rest of the lures required to complete the ghost essence mission. That's ok though. I I will have leveled up high enough, and saved enough in-game cash, to compete in the next event.

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No problem @lcheevers , it sounds like you're fishing in the wrong spot, go to this spot shared by @TC915 a few years ago (go to page 2) ;

I was at 130 feet out and 15 inches deep for the ones I caught last night. I also remembered having better luck fishing from 2-5 am no matter what the peak graph said. If the peak started at 9 pm, I'd try to catch 1 or 2 and then skip right to 2 am. You still have time and at this spot I've never caught one single alligator gar.

I kept losing baits to snags at the spot in the video from that thread, but TC's spot works great!

If the two spoons show up at all it probably won't be until right before the end of the event so I wouldn't give up just yet. 

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I finally got enough rotten minnows to to complete the Black Vampire Fin mission. During the process, I earned enough cash to buy a heavier bottom rod setup (47lbs). I am currently in the process of completing the mission using both rods.

Still no luck in getting the Roach spoon, Spider spoon, or silicon spider to complete the ghost essence mission.

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Putting multiple rods out after mixing potion I accidentally used my thora spinning rod with 19 lb line, after bringing in the first two on more suited rods I was still hooked up on it and found that it was simply a case of waiting for it to tire after about three or four minutes before it too was landed. As long as you don't mind a bit of a fight on your hands give it a go, and if you don't succeed there's always next year to look forward to.

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Thanks guys. I have 2 more days to find one. All I need is the Spider spoon and catch 6 ghost pike, then on to the Frankenfish.

Money for travel and license is the biggest problem I have now. Do I need a San Joaquín license to catch the Frankenfish?

Fortunately for me, Lonestar lake has been a hotspot for me when it comes to catching Ghost pike. 

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1 hour ago, lcheevers said:

Do I need a San Joaquín license to catch the Frankenfish?

Now that you mention it I don't think you do. I went and caught one at the beginning of the event without buying a license and didn't get fined. I can do it again just to be sure but it won't be until about 7 or 8 pm EST.

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