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Developer Diaries: Congo River, Africa


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Hello anglers!


A lot of time has passed since our last Diary. We wasted no time and can finally tell you about our new big update that we’ve prepared for you — the Congo River!

You will be able to explore the Congo River on Steam late November — early December, and on consoles in a couple of weeks after that!

Here, in the heart of Africa, the vast tropical rainforest covers both banks of the great Congo River, the deepest river in the world.



This unique biome is home to hundreds of unique mammals and thousands of bird and fish species.

This is where the last corners of the wild, unexplored nature are hidden.

So what can our anglers expect from the Congo River?
In its middle reaches (just below Boyoma Falls), the river flows through the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and consists of a chain of lake-like pools with a huge number of islands overgrown with tropical forests and impassable swampy stretches of land.

The pond is located on the equator, that’s why the weather is hot all year round. Frequent fogs and strong intermittent rains give way to heat and high humidity. But then the low water season (or dry season) comes, bringing excellent conditions for fishing!

The pond is practically devoid of emergent vegetation. High coastal grass only grows near the banks, in shallow creeks and channels, resembling a thick wall.

Running muddy water flows north to south, characterized by a weak current in wide areas and a medium current in narrow stretches.

The average depth of the river in these places is about 4–7 meters. And on vast shoals and in narrow channels, the depth ranges from 1.5 to 3 meters.
The bottom of the central deep-water channels is mainly clay-earthen, with small sandy areas. However, on the shores overgrown with grass, as well as in shallow bays and creeks, it is muddy.The southern part of the pond features a rocky bottom.

At the Congo River, we have prepared as many as seven locations. There are few of them: 

Cable Ferry


Wild Islands


Bomuna Settlement


Hanging Bridges



The Congo is generally not the easiest place to fish, and you’ll have to do your best, but your efforts will be rewarded many times over! After all, we have introduced 17 absolutely new species of fish, including some unique African endemics such as:

 the Nile Perch, which can reach a weight of about 200 kilograms,


as well as the Goliath Tigerfish,


and the African Tigerfish


 are the main targets for which anglers come to Africa from all over the world!

And believe us, these are some of the most coveted trophies for anglers from all over the world!

Of course, we couldn't leave you unequipped for battles with such monsters. That’s why we’ve prepared some unique baits for you, such as Caddis Larva, African Giant Water Bug, and Banana Bread.


In addition to that, you’ll be able to use some real delicacies when fishing for the voracious African predators: Canned Meat, Buffalo Kidney, and Small Tilapia.


So get your best gear ready, friends! After all, you’re about to have the opportunity to explore these amazing fishing grounds and test your skills on the African continent!

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8 hours ago, pecheur78 said:
hello and thank you for the good news on "fishing planet", but is there any new equipment planned?
which ones, new bottom rods, boats, lures, ect ....


The new boat is pictured above and there will be a new match, bottom, and spinning rod. Check youtube as there should be a few videos on there from some of the ones testing the new map before release.

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19 hours ago, pecheur78 said:
hello and thank you for the good news on "fishing planet", but is there any new equipment planned?
which ones, new bottom rods, boats, lures, ect ....


Yes, there will be new spinning, bottom and match rods and reels for them, new baits, lures and rigs. And the new boat of course, equipped with rod stands.

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