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Catcher in the corn?


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The Catcher in the corn challenge is simply catching a certain number of fish using corn for bait, but will only be active around the Christmas event period. It disappeared for a while and returned last year, don't remember any announcement at the time.

The Grinch (I am led to believe) involved breaking the "law" (rules) at White Moose, Alberta also during the Christmas event, things like catching a fish without a licence and getting caught. Never popped for me despite numerous attempts. Would be a bit hard to achieve if you had an unlimited advanced licence for White moose (if it was ever returned).

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8 hours ago, Tonto said:

The corn, grinch and a few other challenges don’t appear for me on Xbox when I view my challenges.   Maybe because they are hidden.  Does anybody know if these can be completed there, or are these for the fisherman and steam platforms only?

I haven't seen them on PS4 either, I should have earned at least part of the Golden Daddy one a couple of years ago when I bought a bunch of advanced licenses on sale after a St. Paddy's Day event, including Alberta which would leave me out of getting the Grinch one too I guess if it were to appear.

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According to their recent Steam discussion post, the developers are looking into bringing back this holiday achievement, maybe for U.S. Thanksgiving this year, although they have not confirmed yet.


EDIT: Misread Steam post, no official word from Devs yet!

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