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Uni's glitch when using setups appropriate for common/trophy fish


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I've noticed when fishing Blue Crab and Amazonian Maze, if I happen to hook a unique Tarpon or Arapaima when using a setup appropriate for common or trophy size fish, the game will glitch and the uni will never tire out for me to reel in.  I've fought Arapaima for 2 real life hours twice before letting them go and fought a Tarpon tonight for 30 real life minutes only to have him go out to 400 and 500ft twice, at which point I just let him go.  Please fix this as it punishes players for using appropriate setups for the fish that bite most often.  I either have to come with gear heavy enough for uniques and give up xp on the fish I catch most often or I have to let the uniques go.

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1 hour ago, SoliDoeGloria said:

appropriate setups

Could you define this, what setup did you use and what settings? 

*edit: Looking at your inventory in the game that you have right now, you only have one setup that is fit for the tarpon (the tropicana with the bailarina 7500). Using that on max drag = 38kg and should be enough to get a uni tarpon in less than 30min irl, I've done it myself both from boat and from the dock using the bailarina 7500. 
For the Arapaima I dont have much experience myself of them, but I would assume you would have to be on the boat with the anchor up to get it in with your current setups you have in your inventory. Having a fixed position (anchor down or standing on shore) I can see why it would take some time.

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I don't remember the exact setups at this point, but from what I recall, for the Tarpon, I was running a 50lb match rod setup and for the Arapaima, I was running 68lb or so bottom rod.  I'm still working on leveling up and the bit rate for young/common to lower size trophy is higher, so I set my tackle up to get the most xp from those size fish and most often fish from shore with multiple rods.

What happens, though, is that a unique does bite occasionally.  For the Arapaima, using the 68lb bottom setup, I fought for 2 IRL hours and the fish never got tired so I could never reel it in.  My leader finally wore out and broke or I would have continued to fight it.  This actually happened a second time with the same setup several days later, and at the 2 hour mark, I just broke the line and walked away.  The only reason I didn't fight the Tarpon mentioned above for longer than 30 mins is that I recognized what was happening and just broke the line. 

Honestly, I have no problem fighting such large fish for long periods of time and that really isn't my complaint.  That is what would happen in real life and should be expected.  However, what seems to be happening in game with the Tarpon and Arapaima, specifically, is that they never tire out.  At some point, even on under-powered gear, the fish should get tired and I be able to real it in.  I know they are different types of fish, but I have I've pulled in unique Mirror Carp and unique Flathead catfish on under-powered gear in under 30 IRL mins.  My typical Flathead setup is a 30lb bottom rod and my typical carp setup is 54lb carp rod.


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