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Better individualization through clothing


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Hello Team Fishing Planet, I think your game is awesome and I am happy about everything new you bring out. I think your jerseys that you can get for real money are also a good idea and think that's okay. However, I would suggest if you introduce at least a few new garments that can be bought by in-game money. No jerseys that stay for real money but at least a few new shirts, pants, sweaters. That would make the game a little nicer and it not everyone would look the same. Makes the game more worth playing for me and certainly that would be similar for others. Sometimes the viuselle is very important, especially in a multiplayer game where you want to fish next to each other. But if everyone looks the same, it seems a bit lumpy you have to give honestly. And that makes the game less attractive. Put a few minutes of work into clothes and the game will be much more worth playing for some. Simply more beautiful. 

A restaurant is visited more often because the food not only tastes good but is also beautifully presented. Remember this, this is also the case with games and all other things in the world. 

Would be happy about an answer :) 

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