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Congo Nightly Hunt - This "challenge" is a joke


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Catching a 123kg perc on the flat spoon is a joke. Between the people in our group that have been doing this only 1 person have caught a 123kg+ perc in over 40 full nets.


The lures we have access to is too small, only 12cm. The required fish size is just below unique and 0 uniques have come out on these spoons. Can catch 2-3 uniques per net using 15cm+ shads or jigging spoons.

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Agreed. It took me 6 hours to catch 127kg Nile Perch with 8/0 blue flat spoon. Didn't have any luck with Uniques on it at night.

I think this was a mistake of percentages from other 3 fish...

Nile Perch trophy goes up to 129kg so you have a very little room... I caught a ton of trophys but all of them were always between 85 -> 115.

Anyway, I think it should be looked at and number lowered to maybe 115 or something like that.

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