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Hi, any chance of putting a fail safe in. i was at st croix and licence run out and by mistake i pressed on basic it cost me 4000 even though i never get basic for 1 trip so i could night fish and use boat i had to pay another 8000 so it cost me 12000 in total surely you could put a fail safe to stop that happening on any lake eg you press on basic and it should say are you sure before giving you the basic one, just a thought !!!!

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It has been asked a million times, dont hold your breath. In real life if you dont have a license you throw the fish back. In the game if you dont have one, you throw it back, and get fined regardless. Its a "sim" after all. Wonder how many players they have lost on low level to that, going neg money and just quiting the game. Seen the posts all over the place. 

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