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Why the XP nerf FP ?


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As some of you have probably noticed, the XP nerf is real and massive, especially in the Amazon with sharks.  On a good size trophy bull you could gain 40k in XP, and now you will earn 75% less.  It seems they want us to struggle with the grind once again to reach level 80.  They just can’t leave a good thing alone. Well done FP, alienating your customers once again


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Im not sure about the sharks, but in all honesty, theres no real need to rush to 80. Theres nothing you absolutely need after 75. The baits all have equivalents. The rods/reels aren't needed, most fishing is from a boat. No great lures.  Even the keepnet is such a small increase, on larger fish like perch it hardly ever lets you keep 1 more fish.

If you really just want to be 80, give the tiger fish a go, they have crazy exp and good catch rate.  And for getting to 75 catfish in merron works well enough.

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