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[Steam] New Twitch Drops Campaign Gingerbread House!


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Hey, Anglers!

The Christmas celebration has already started, and therefore we have prepared for you Twitch Drops Campaign - Gingerbread House Drops!

Watch Twitch streams from December 22 to December 27 inclusively and get Gingerbread House boxes! This time, as usual, the boxes will contain the special ingredients you need to complete our Krampus fishes catching quests!

To get prizes, you need:

  • Connect your Steam to your Twitch account

  • Watch streams, marked with a special icon!



Remember that in order to receive event boxes for watching streams, your Steam account must be linked to your Twitch account.

Learn how to link your accounts here:

And this is what will be inside the Gingerbread House Prize Boxes



Those who will watch 30 minutes of the stream will get Gingerbread House Small Box, which includes:


  • Ginger Cookies - 12 pcs,
  • Token - 1
  • XP - 2022,  Credits - 2022

Those who will watch 60 minutes will get Gingerbread House Medium Box, which includes:

  • Mega Cookie Groundbait - 1 pcs,
  • Token - 1
  • XP - 2022, Credits - 2022


Well, those who will watch the broadcast for 90 minutes, will get Gingerbread House Large Box with:

  • Buñuelos - 12,
  • Cookies with Milk - 12 pcs,
  • Turdilli - 12 pcs,
  • Token - 1
  • Exp - 2022, Credits - 2022, BaitCoin - 1


Start of Campaign: December 22, 2021, 4:00 PM UTC
Finish of Campaign: December 27, 2021, 11:00 PM UTC


Have fun while watching streams, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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