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I've already seen people taking out 200k perch with the 6k troy, what crap. So that you want new rods without a troy you get everything. The truth is very disgusting. Those of us who like to enjoy the game that we are excited about the idea that it is as real as possible you have us without any illusion. Let's see if you patch that. Trash and all the troys are broken into a thousand pieces when I hook a 200k one. In the events it happens and with the shark it happened the same and now with the perch in the Congo. To those who give it to fishermen using something that is real Little congratulations and to those of you who allow it to know that there comes a time that tires and more when you spend your money on premiums and packs and you see people who do not buy anything and take record fish with a 6k rod. I think this is a simulator every It has less time. A pity that it is like that. And it is not me alone, there are many people who fish like me since 2017 who are getting more and more bored of seeing those garbage. Greetings fishermen!

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