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Spinner bait trouble


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I’m having a lot of trouble catching bass with my spinner baits on Mud river. I get a lot of bites but I’m never able to hook onto them. Am I not supposed to use spinner baits for that map?

all other lures I use work.

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I wanted to demonstrate how to arm and deploy Mudwater's special X-Series Spinner for maximum effectiveness on Mudwater since the op asked earlier in the year. I wasn't around to answer stuff then because of connection issues earlier in the year. I'm sorry.

This is for beginners who still want to learn how to get the Mudwater special spinner bait and learn how to use it with dead on accuracy.

PHCarpman99 is correct. The fish the spinnerbait was targeting was too small and clumsy.

However, there is a way around this for level 15+ beginners who still want to learn how to use a spinnerbait from a level 4 waterway with dead on accuracy. The reason this works for level 15+ beginners is because the line needed is level 15. The rod is level 8, 7 levels before the rod. The game can be brutal in this regards to beginners. Going into Mudwater or Falcon Lake with a less than level 15 set-up will wreck the rod and reel.

Always wait until your level is high enough to buy the line and lures before getting the rod.

The problem with frilly lures with bass skirts, both ir and ingame, is that they have more mass to swallow in relation to their hook size. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good in trying to generate bigger fish; bad when targeting fish with smaller mouths.

Fish like bass use the quick strike mechanism which seems to have various degrees of accuracy in predator fish. In quick strike, fish don't nibble. They attempt to swallow something whole! They either hit the target, miss, or partially hit it.

In order, to trigger dead on accuracy in quick strike, you want the lure to ding as many sensory stimuli as possible. Predator fish have keen eyesight but need movement and extra stimuli to trigger BOTH quick strike AND accuracy.

The X-Series Spinnerbait #2/0 is available as the Mudwater Explorer III 30 day achievement reward. It adds visual stimulation with 1) color, 2) flash, 3) water vibration and 4) X-series mojo.

Add a softbait to the spinnerbait like this:
To stimulate feeding interest with added 5) more color and  6) native fish bait shape.

Set time to 7) peak fishing:
In this type of weather, there is 6 game hours of lovely fishing (1 hour 30 minute ir)

Add 😎 sweep retrieval and long casting distance to cover more space, 9) more water vibration and 10) alot more flash action and boom, you created dead accuracy which not only attracts fish but gets them to quick strike with dead on accuracy even if their mouths maybe a little smaller.

I probably have overkill with my dead on accuracy set-up and retrieval, but try to ding as much stim points as possible to get lots of primo action on the water.

This following video is a little shaky because of lag reasons. But the lure execution was still dead on accurate even with lag caused by 2 very popular events running simultaneously.

I'll do some beginner speed runs after all the events are over on Mudwater and Falcon Lake with the same set-up.

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