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What is considered as "Meat-Based" baits (for the Congo River - Meaty Fellas Comp)?


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What baits are considered as "Meat-Based" baits?  Technically, their are only 2 or 3; (blood, meat chunk and canned meat)

Are these baits considered Meat-Based?:

1) Organ Baits; (chicken & large liver, buffalo kidney)?

2) Fish Bait; (minnows, live/dead fish baits, cut baits, tilapia)?

3) Crustaceans; (crab, prawns, shrimp, crawfish, crawfish cut)?

3) Worms; (bloodworms, night crawlers, red worms, leeches)?

5) Larva; (wax worms, maggots, dobsonfly larva, giant silk moth, caddis)?  My guess is NO?

6) Insects; (crickets, grasshoppers, flies, African giant water bug).  My guess is NO.

7) Fruit?  My guess is NO.

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