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Can't catch fish on Lone Star Lake (PS 5)


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I've started playing the game a couple of months ago and finished the tutorial. I decided to come back to playing FP just now. And I experience a problem in the Lone Star Lake. I can't catch any fish. I cast the pole and wait. When fish is approaching, I got Wait information and now I am not starting dragging the pole yet. When Strike is done, I start dragging. And if I drag out the hook too early, fish is not caught and I get the notification that the tackle was taken out of water too early. When I wait too long, I got a message that strike is timed out and the fish eats the lure and swims away. I was trying to catch fish about 15 times trying to drag the hook out in different moments of the Strike period with no success. Is there anything I am doing wrong or it is just a known bug?


Thank you for helping me.

Best regards

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I assume your using a float (telescopic or match) rod if you're fishing at Lonestar, Texas. In the Settings screen (⚙️) under the Audio tab there should be a Float fishing bite sound, make sure it is on. This should give you an audible "ding" when a fish takes an interest in your bait. After you cast you should see a small picture of your float up in the right hand corner of your screen. Watch the image of your float as the fish nibbles your bait, as soon as the float goes shooting off to either side STRIKE. Should be just a matter of getting the timing right.

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