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Winter Pike Tour: Qualifier 3 Results


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Well, what we’ve just seen was a heated fishing competition of Winter Pike Tour’s 3rd and final Qualifying Round! Smokin' hot action took place on the snowy and cold White Moose Lake in Canada, and sure melted some ice! After all, it was the last chance for our Pike anglers to score one of the Top-20 results and make is to the Semifinal of Winter Pike Tour! Our congratulations to those twenty lucky Pike catchers, whose names are listed below and who will head on to New York’s Emerald Lake to compete in the WPT Semifinal on January 22th!

1    palla69_gt
2    ChucK_32_
3    VFF_BlackGhost
4    v1707a
5    LFC_Taschi_78
6    Sergei-SA
7    OlegBikov
8    GTF-PnutBBandit
9    x_KEKO_619_x
10    VFF_osni1910
11    Ruda701CZ
12    ACE_Rottweiler
13    ACE_Marlyn18
14    Cellux1I
16    Xcali-ke
18    ACE_Pipecastrill
19    FwA_ADE814Y
20    Wismeck


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