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Weeping Willow monster problem


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Hello. I got the Stomach Groundbait. I’ve equiped it on my rod and I start to fish. After ~ 2 hours on the lake (30 real minutes) the groundbite expired. I’ve only got one fish with it. No monster of course.

i think i was an error. I hope so 😬

i don’t know what to do to get the monster now. 

can somebody help me, please?


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Don’t  know why it expired in just 2 hours.  Groundbait is good for 24 hours or 1 game day, whichever happens first,  if I recall.   Are you sure you didn’t advance the day or let 24 hours real-time lapse.  You should still be Able to select the groundbait mission again.

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Suggest getting rid of all the old groundbait, then try tracking the first mission again (maybe stop and restart the game after getting rid of the old groundbait). It could be you forwarded time after making the groundbait as it is meant to last longer than that. If you do manage to get the groundbait again, try also using it on a bottom rod with a feeder cage as well.   

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Hi Motzzzo

As a suggestion it may be best to just mix up only some of the ground bait at a time maybe only a quarter or one third of it - i think you get 3Kg of the ground bait so maybe just mix 1 Kg up at a time. As you can always mix up some more especially if you are not sure were to fish or in what lake to fish for the monster. There are quite a few videos to help but it is perfectly understandable if you prefer to do the mission without looking at spoilers. 

When i did the mission which I think was before the nerf the monster took the bait quickly on bottom tackle when in the right spot but i did not try to hook one on float tackle which always seems to me to be more challenging/less productive than bottom tackle in the game. I cannot remember what bait I used but i think possibly a floating boilie or even sweet corn or peas would get the job done.

As a side note I managed to hook three monsters at the same time but only managed to land two of them. Only the first one landed gave the extra reward for completion of the mission but the additional monster landed still gave great cash and xp.

Hope this helps

Tight lines


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Thanks all of you for your help. I’ve managed to “revive” the Stomach Groundbait by leaving the lake to home. From there I went to missions and it was there, with an “!”, ready to start over again.

I will try again to get the bait and complete the mission. 
 I’ll come back with an update about this. 🙂

Again, thank you ✌️

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